Maintain Peak Performance

As with any mechanical system over time, a NCI Certified System Performance system needs to be properly maintained.  Otherwise, it can begin to to lose it’s peak performance capabilites.

When your system is properly maintained, adjusted, and tested on a regular basis by an NCI Certified professional, you will be able to enjoy the peak energy savings and comfort of your system.  Here are a couple of simple things that you can do to help ensure year-round peak performance for your HVAC system:

Step 1 to Maintain Your HVAC System:

Clean around the outdoor HVAC unit

Clean the outdoor unit

Make sure that the outdoor unit of your home is clean and free of any obstructions or debris.  Remove any weeds, vines or other vegetation that may be growing too close to the outdoor unit.

If you’re in a heavy pollen or ragweed area, your NCI Certified contractor may need to perform an additional cleaning from time to time.  Do not attempt to wash your outdoor unit with a high-pressure hose or pressure washer, as this can irreparably damage the equipment.

Step 2 to Maintain Your HVAC System:

Check your filter 2x a year

If you have a replaceable indoor filter, be sure to replace it at the recommended intervals.  A dirty filter can increase utility costs by as much as 20%.

Pets, remodeling, and dirty ducts can all contribute to shortening the lifespan of a disposable filter.  

If you have an electrostatic air filter, there are maintance steps that you should be aware of.  Please be sure to check with your contractor to find out the proper steps to maintain your air filter. 

Change Your Filter

Step 3 to Maintain Your HVAC System:

Talk about a service agreement

Talk to your contractor about a maintenance or service agreement

To ensure peak performance for your HVAC system, along with optimal savings and comfort, you may want to explore a service agreement with your NCI Certified contractor. 

These agreements generally include two annual visits along with other benefits such as priority service, discounts on repairs and accessories, and more.  Check with your installing contractor for more details.